Welcome to Davenant Foundation School Performing Arts Department.
Over 300 students at Davenant Foundation School have Instrumental or Dance Tuition on a weekly basis.
These students, and many more, take part in several sell-out concerts, dance productions and musicals and even have the opportunity to perform abroad. The School is known for its 150 strong School Choir that has been in existence for 40 years.
As a school we believe that the arts are an essential part of a rich and balanced curriculum and that every child should be entitled to Music and Drama teaching. These subjects work hand in hand to develop sensitivity, understanding and tolerance towards others. Students find ways of expressing themselves through a form of creative intelligence which helps them to develop richer lives as adults. As teachers we aim to give students a love of the arts that will last a lifetime.
Head of Faculty: Mrs Asha Bishop

The Princes Teaching Institute
The Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI) is an independent educational charity created by the Prince of Wales. It believes that all
children, irrespective of background or ability, deserve a rich subject-based experience at school - both within and beyond the examination curriculum. The purpose of the PTI is to re-inspire teachers in the love of their subject by promoting and providing
subject-based professional development for teachers and creating an inspirational forum for teachers, enabling them to step
away from the classroom and rediscover their love of subject.

I was approached to become a Stream Desinger for the PTI and had the priviledge of working on the first ever Music Conference in July 2012. It's popularity meant that the second conference followed shortly after in 2014. Another is planned for June 2016.
Davenant Foundation School ws recoginsed as the lead State School for Music due to it's vision and the importance the school placed on the Arts.

The vision of the PTI is one I firmly believe in and hope to bring to my teaching at Davenant.  
I believe that the arts are an integral part of a child's education.  Any education that fails to provide the arts in a
full and serious way is depriving children of finding a way to develop a sensitivity, understanding and tolerance
towards others.  Students also find ways of expressing themselves through a form of creative intelligence which helps
them to develop richer lives as adults.

I am very proud of the values we hold onto as a school.  The Arts are important and I am committed to ensuring
that we maintain these values.  

Our extra-curricular programme is wholly inclusive and over a
third of students at Davenant are involved in the Arts Programme at the School.


 To download the PTI report from July 2012, please  CLICK HERE
 To download my reflections from July 2012, pleaseCLICK HERE

To download the PTI report from June 2014 please CLICK HERE

The conference also gave me a chance to meet Jools Holland and Howard Goodall!


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